In response to the current epidemiological situation, and as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), Tubofuro has its Contingency Plan in effect and reports the following:

  • Administrative and commercial services will be provided. In-person visits to customers have already been interrupted, but our commercials will continue to be available, as usual, by phone and email. We appreciate that you contact us before going to the N / facilities;
  • In technical assistance services, we favor remote assistance and analyze case by case situations that involve displacement. We will not, as far as possible and until we are permitted, respond to urgent and urgent requests;
  • Regarding material deliveries, deliveries will be maintained until we can. If you intend to proceed with the survey of material in our facilities, only with prior contact (usual contacts) to ensure the availability of material and personnel for the purpose. Shipping by carrier will continue as usual.

Our general telephone contact (244 618 800) and email ( remain available, as well as the usual commercial and technical contacts.

We are certain that, with everyone’s help and understanding, the critical situation we are experiencing will be overcome.