TUBOFURO® activity began in 1999, resulting in the demand for polyethylene and PVC quality tube to perform water abstraction holes free from structural problems.
In order to provide increasingly complete solutions to its customers and to fill the gaps in surveys and geotechnical market, TUBOFURO® has been developing new products and improving the manufactures since its inception. Throughout our history, we tried to provide our advanced technology facilities and personnel able to guarantee the quality of our products.
To solve part of the gaps in the market, we have developed two distinct products marketed usual. The Georoscado® brand appears to address the shortcomings highlighted by the products commonly used to perform the coating of the water abstraction holes and also launched the brand Hidroroscado® for PVC tubes for mounting submersible pumps up to 400 meters.
In 2002 we have decided to develop a partnership with the German Water and Energy, known worldwide for GWE, which allowed us to offer the market an even more complete range of quality solutions recognized worldwide. This partnership has enabled us to improve our internal competencies, which leads us to say that today we are a company with world-class know-how regarding the production techniques of PVC and PE tubes.
The year 2003 was marked by the certification of our products and services over the rules ISO 9001:2000 that we abandoned in the meantime because it does not represent an added value to our business.
Although abandon the rules ISO 9001: 2000, we carried out the certification of Georoscado® and Hidroroscado® products through an exhaustive process of two years of tests performed by the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) finished in 2008. In order to arrange a complete range to our customers, we develop new production lines for rotomolding products and environmental protective equipment: WWTP, oil separators, grease separators, vertical reservoir piece to 20m3 and horizontal (by coupling) to 100m3.
We are open to new challenges and put it accept the ideas of our customers, providing a system “Turnkey” with design, mold design and parts extraction as agreed with the objectives of each company. Currently we have developed pots, decorative tables, lounge chairs, stands for concerts and other products, as you can confirm the “Portfolio” tab.

We seek to establish partnerships that allow us to evolve and adapt to new markets, bringing the Portuguese market highly innovative and redoubled quality solutions according to the requirements of international standards.
Humility is an adjective that is based on the well in the way we do business. We restructured the entire internal organization, reformulating our commercial skills to ensure total satisfaction of our customers. We do not allow of problems unsolved, we try to respond in a timely manner to all situations in an efficient and professional manner.
Another important feature is trust and honesty, we tried to reformulate our business strategy to defend our resellers allowing seriousness and “fair play” in order to deal with the final customer. When a retailer seeks to work with our products, we try to provide all the supporting platform to work comfortably avoiding competing directly with them.
We are a company with wide international representation, having already exported to over 20 different countries. 2015 was marked by the adoption of a new international strategy that allows us to operate effectively internationally. We currently have an official representative of TUBOFURO® in France, SOLUSCION, a delegation in Spain, PESA WELL ENGINEERING, Senegal, LUSAFRIQUE Guinea S PROJECT, among others.